Converge "The Long Road Home" DVD


Deathwish is proud to announce the reissue of "The Long Road Home" DVD, the first ever official DVD release from Converge. Appalled by the constant video piracy, bootlegging, and lack of respect given to artists by these perpetrators, Converge decided to beat them all at their own game. Rather than complain and do little about the issue, the band decided to compile and release an official collection of material, properly packaged and edited. The band quickly put out a call for submissions on their website and were literally flooded with responses from fans and supporters all over the world. This collection is the end result. Modeled after the first (and arguably most successful) band home videos such as Metallica's "Cliff 'Em All" release, "The Long Road Home" is as energetic and exciting as the moments it captures. No frills or crap, just a HUGE collection of fan footage from the band's decade-long reign as kings of their genre. Compiled and edited by director Zach Merck (Converge, Shadows Fall, Bad Religion).

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