Conflict "There Must Be Another Way" 2xLP


All of Conflict’s studio singles on double vinyl LP for the first time. Comes with an A2 size, 2-sided poster insert with singles info & discography and gatefold sleeve with lyrics to all 24 tracks. Conflict are still active, playing huge festival gigs in 2015 in USA & around Europe.

Conflict have been described as the world’s foremost activist anarchist punk band. First heard on their mentors Crass’s label, their ‘To A Nation of Animal Lovers’ EP inspired anti-vivisection, anti-hunt campaigns.

Espousing direct action and numerous political causes, on their own Mortarhate label they dominated the top of the indie singles and albums charts through the eighties.  Gigs turned into full-scale riots, with hundreds arrested.  Police banned them from performing in the UK, so they went underground and abroad.

Still active but quieter in the 90’s, then a resurgence of interest in the punk movement regenerated them in the 21st century and they remain active today, in 2015 playing large punk festivals across the UK, USA and Europe.

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