Coke Bust "Confined" CD


Washington, DC's Coke Bust deliver nine more raging blasts of full on hardcore in its rawest and most primal form. "Confined," the band's latest release on Grave Mistake since 2011's "Degradation" EP, is their most intense work to date, which says a lot considering the sheer ferocity of the band's previous output. This is no surprise, however, considering Coke Bust has spent the past seven years of their existence refusing to rest on their laurels; constantly refining their style and successfully outdoing themselves with each release. For the unacquainted, Coke Bust deliver their own brand of no-frills, fast hardcore, taking cues from bands like Siege, Infest and Youth Of Today. Fully embracing the "less is more" philosophy, the fat has been completely trimmed on "Confined," leaving nothing but prime cut at 45 revolutions per minute. Now available on CD with 19 additional tracks.

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