Coheed And Cambria "The Afterman: Descension" LP


Coheed & Cambria continue their transition to incorporating new sounds into their emo-prog core with the second album of their Afterman series, Descension. Opener “Pretelethal” is dense and melodic, utilizing acoustic guitar and keyboards to create delicate atmosphere, over which the band then overlays crushing chords and arpeggiated riffs. “The Hard Sell” even has a dancey beat, owing as much to Michael Jackson as to Metallica and Yes. “Number City” similarly works its metallic riffs into a horn-laden song that could be labeled the band’s party jam, if not for the creepy melodies and sirens the band injects into the song halfway through. Singer Claudio Sanchez still works his pipes into a high-pitched frenzy, splitting time between singing more straightforwardly, as on the electro-ballad “Iron Fist,” and wringing heartache through his nasal growl. The Afterman: Decension offers plenty of rewards for fans willing to take the plunge into new territory for Coheed & Cambria.

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