Coalesce "Functioning On Impatience" LP


From the stunning medical text-inspired packaging to the slower, groove-oriented undercurrent winding its way throughout Coalesce's trademarked sonic onslaught, "Functioning On Impatience" is completely without remorse, but thoughtful and methodical in its delivery. "Functioning On Impatience" is littered with punishing metallic riffs, coupled with crazed technical runs that throw the proceedings into utter chaos, and is anchored by an utterly distorted bass, peculiar guitar noise and more time changes, tempo shifts and stop-start parts than one can possibly keep up with. "Functioning On Impatience" cements Coalesce's place in hardcore like few albums before it or since, and Second Nature is thrilled to unleash this masterpiece on vinyl once again to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its release.

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