Champion "Different Directions/The Last Show" DVD/CD


This DVD is a six-camera angle, professionally edited documentary of the last time Champion hit the stage. The sold out El Corazon in Seattle boasted almost 1,000 people in attendance for their final show. The shooting was done by High-Roller Studios, known for their work with Lamb Of God's "Killadelphia" and Every Time I Die's "Shit Happens" DVDs and hundreds of others. Complete with interviews with kids at the show, the band members, past members, footage from their earliest days and the entire show start to finish, this is a comprehensive look at a band that defined positive, energetic hardcore and toured the world for years on their own terms. Take all those crappy VHS tapes and throw them away because this is the ultimate hardcore live video that captures the energy, excitement, passion, and the fun of a hardcore show clear and from the middle of the fury with the professionally mixed and mastered 24 track soundboard audio.

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