Carpathian 'Nothing To Lose' CD


Melbourne’s Carpathian has spent the last 18 months making a name for themselves throughout Australia, presenting to eager audiences their punishing live show through supporting the likes of Bleeding Through, Evergreen Terrace, Most Precious Blood, Shai Hulud, On Broken Wings, Every Time I Die, Comeback Kid, Parkway Drive and I Killed The Prom Queen.

Following the success of an independently released self titled ep in 2005, Nothing To Lose sees the band embrace multiple musical elements to present 30 minutes of relentless and punishing breakdowns, inspiring sing-alongs and lyrics that speak to a scene who are quickly growing tired of metaphors and insincerity.

Nothing To Lose proves to provide an accurate soundtrack to the energy and buzzes of Australian hardcore in 2006 and shows us Carpathian are ready to put their own stamp on the world of heavy music.

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