Broadway Calls "Good Views, Bad News" LP


Since forming in the unlikely locale of Rainier, OR, four years ago, this trio of childhood friends - which also includes bassist Matt Koenig and drummer Josh Baird - have been touring constantly and fine-tuning their unique blend of melodic pop-punk since the day Vaughn and Baird met back in sixth grade. For the band's new full-length, "Good Views, Bad News," the band entered the famed studio Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, to record with Descendents drummer and production guru Bill Stevenson, an experience that had a strong result on the end product. From upbeat pop-punk anthems like "Midnight Hour" to melodic masterpieces like "The Sundowners" and remarkably mature-sounding ballads such as "At The End," "Good Views, Bad News" showcases many musical sides of this immensely collaborative trio.

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