Bring Me The Horizon "Suicide Season" CD


The follow-up to 2006’s “Count Your Blessings”, “Suicide Season” was recorded at Studio Fredman in in Arboga, Sweden with producer Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir) and according to frontman Oli Sykes, the isolation of recording an hour away from anywhere had its advantages. “We recorded ‘Count Your Blessings’ in the middle of Birmingham and it was very easy to get distracted,” he told “Arboga is a village with nothing in it apart from a tiny shop and that was it. We actually lived at the studio so it meant we could all just focus on the music. Fredrik was a cool guy, and he taught us how to do stuff, so at night after he’d gone home we’d still be recording the album.” Australian fans got a taste of the new tracks recently when BMTH took part in the sold out final Australian tour for I Killed The Prom Queen. Among the guests on the new album are indie punk darlings THE SECRET HANDSHAKE and Australia’s own one man portable hardcore party machine DEEZ NUTS!

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