Bridge And Tunnel "East/West" LP


"Okay, so you've got this badass record, recorded by a bunch of really nice people, each committed in their own way to underground networking, friendships, and speaking out against society's ills. Two ladies and two gentlemen. The main vocals alternate between Jeff and Rachel, with Tia chiming in and everyone stepping up in the choruses, weaving their voices throughout. The guitars interplay in exciting ways —one exploring a tangent, the other grounding. They like burritos, coffee, bicycles, and good karma. Their songs are aggressive and loud with large amounts of reverb. Engaging, melodic, and soothing when they want to be, they ebb and flow, taking plenty of time to unfold. BRIDGE AND TUNNEL remind me of an aggressive CURSIVE or BRAID with the rhythmic backbone of HOT WATER MUSIC or FUGAZI and a swirl of later-era SMALL BROWN BIKE. There you go! Available on CLEAR or GREEN vinyl!" - No Idea

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