Braid "I'm Afraid Of Everything" 7"


As Braid's profile continued to grow due to its relentless touring schedule, "Im Afraid Of Everything" quickly sold through pressing after pressing - eventually going on to become one of the most popular 7"s in Polyvinyl's history. The record also features a debut of sorts, as American Football's Steve Lamos - with trumpet in hand - makes his first Polyvinyl appearance on the B-side, "Radish White Icicle." "Im Afraid Of Everything" also marked the beginning of Grand Theft Autumn, a record label started by Braid's Bob Nanna and Todd Bell (and which is now run by Todd and ex-Braid drummer Roy Ewing), who this record was originally split label released with. Now available again on vinyl. 7" includes a coupon for a free digital download of this entire album.

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