Boys Night Out "Dude, You Need To Stop Dancing" DVD


Boys Night Out have put together one of the most original "Mock"umentaries since Spinal Tap, in this, their first ever DVD release. It features the story behind the story of the band behind the band... After releasing their first full-length album, Boys Night Out went on to become one of the most popular punk rock bands in Canada. Little did they know that after overcoming such daunting odds, their biggest challenge would prove to be themselves. The first authorized DVD release by Boys Night Out, "Dude, You Need To Stop Dancing" shows the on-stage intensity of the band, as well as the behind the scenes friction between it's members which nearly caused the band's collapse. With live show footage, extensive interviews and a ton of behind-the-scenes footage, the DVD tells the story of one of the darkest times in the history of the band. In addition to the grim documentary, this DVD includes an hour long live show recorded years later as Boys Night Out rose from its former ashes into the band you know today.

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