Bones Brigade "I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding" CD


They were four bored kids, two of them caught in the monotony of the typical post-teen 9 to 5 grind, the other two lost in a sea of irrelevant and seemingly pointless college classes. For these kids, their only release was skateboarding and hardcore. In 2002, Andrew, Blake, Phill and Mullet combined their two saving graces and formed Bones Brigade, the latest punk rock sensation from the mecca of hardcore; Boston, MA. Part American Nightmare, part Suicidal Tendencies, this band crosses all boundaries with their fast and furious skate-core anthems. Although their music is as extreme as the sport they enthuse, their songs retain a catchiness and accessibility that has crowds singing and stagediving along in multitudes. Simply put, Bones Brigade has an emotional impact that the everyday kid with frustrations and a skateboard can relate to. So f*** school, f*** work, f*** the world, grab your deck and put the "rad" back into your life with Bones Brigade.

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