Blue Monday "Rewritten" CD


BLUE MONDAY's approach is straightforward and stripped-down. Taking influence from early 80's hardcore (think DYS, NEGATIVE APPROACH) as well as mid-nineties "youth crew", the band has a sound that's neither retro nor paint by the numbers. Coming from Vancouver BC, a town known for having great bands that never really make their mark outside of their area, BLUE MONDAY refuse to fall into the same trap. They have a firm grasp on the notion that being in a hardcore band is more than just having good music; it is about working your ass off. It didn't take long for BLUE MONDAY to build a following up and down the West Coast from multiple mini-tours. After an EP on For The Core Records, and a 2nd on Boston's Perfect Victim Records, BLUE MONDAY hooked up With Bridge Nine and went into Atomic Studios to record Rewritten. The band continues on with the same intense work ethic, hungirier than ever. Rewritten is full of heartfelt and angry hardcore played the way it was meant to be. With a fast style and New York - influenced sound, Blue Monday are taking heavy strides.

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