Black Jaw "Survival Of The Shittest" CD


In early 2008, two old (and one not-so-old) hacks decided to start a new band called 'Blackjaw'. The band's members have done time in the following combo's: 'Seconds Away/Grand Fatal', 'The Optionals', 'Guns are for Kids' & 'Unpaid Debt' and currently share members with budding contemporaries 'Lights Out' and 'Between the Devil and the Deep'. Following on from past glories and/or downfalls and channeling touches of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Fugazi, The Bronx & Descendents, Blackjaw has just given birth to its debut EP entitled 'Survival of the Shittest'. With a sound that hopes to capture ideas that have only been done 950 (instead of 1000) times before look out for the band taking over a stadium (or house party) near you soon.

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