Big Eyes "Stake My Claim" LP


Big Eyes, the brainchild of Kait Eldridge, is a band that has spent its career successfully defying classification. They're a punk band with pop sensibilities; they're a power pop group with a hard rock edge. Big Eyes is different things to different people, and yet has always felt ultimately content cemented "in-between" the scenes. "Stake My Claim," the band's third full-length, was recorded throughout the fall and winter of 2015. It opens with their heaviest song to date, the title track, which sets a tone of Kait at a crossroad: "'Cause nothing stays the same / stake my claim." Her lyrics are centered around dissatisfaction and a need for change. Throughout the entirety of Big Eyes' discography, there is an undercurrent of sadness and frustration, but within "Stake My Claim," Kait has found a sense of acceptance.

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