Beer Zone / Suburban Lockdown "Kingdom Of The Dead (split)" CD


Beerzone formed in 1997 by former Intensive Care vocalist Iain Kilgallon. The band plays catchy sing-along streetpunk and has been described as a nice mix of Peter And The Test Tube Babies meets The Exploited. Beerzone have released three full-length studio recordings (Beer City, TKO & Cyclone), two live records (Captain Oi! Records & 77 rpm), several 7" singles and a recent appearance on "Addicted To Oi!," another fine release from the lads at Captain Oi! Since forming in 2002 in Orlando, FL, Suburban Lockdown has set the south ablaze, distinguishing itself as one of the hardest playing live acts in the country. Influenced by everything from late 1970s New York rock 'n' roll, British punk, Oi!, and 1980s American hardcore punk, Suburban Lockdown lights the fuse and stands still. The songs are short, sharp shocks of speed, aggression and melody.

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