Bayside "Walking Wounded" CD


BAYSIDE epitomize the virtues of timeless, passionate rock of the highest order. Immune to the superficiality of music trends, this Long Island band has always emphasized emotions in their songs and stories. They are a class act of committed musicians who have faced—and overcome--some of life’s most challenging obstacles. The Walking Wounded, BAYSIDE’s newest collection of songs and stories, is ready to join the band’s celebrated catalog and find a place in the hearts and minds of their rapidly-growing, worldwide fan base. The band tailored their sound and style after some of Punk Rock’s most distinguished artists, such as THE SMITHS and SMOKING POPES. They have become a substantial force that is both enviable and highly respected. While their first two records dealt with confronting the personal trials and betrayals life offers, this record challenges the listener to move forward with an ambitious and positive outlook on the life ahead of them. It makes very clear that the scars we all carry are merely reminders that life is a challenge, but the future still holds the potential to be very bright and positive. The Walking Wounded is proof that they are ready to conquer any endeavor that may stand before them with a well-earned optimism.

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