Bastard Noise / Actuary "Split" LP


For Fans of: WOLF EYES, GNAW THEIR TONGUES, JOHN ZORN, ANB, HOTFUCKACTIONTOTHEMAXXX, BACTERIA CULT. BASTARD NOISE "HUMAN HORROR HYMNS" sees continuous member Wood adding Saira Huff (ex-DETESTATION, ex-QUESTION) as a key writing figure and second vocalist to expand BN's "cinematic skull vision" and attack. The fusion of Huff's razor sharp, assault and Wood's trademark "OUR EARTH'S BLOOD" varied voices, "HUMAN HORROR HYMNS" is a sequenced quadruple compositional journey into the psyche of evil human ignorance, willingness to slaughter innocent beings in constant holocaust number and an unwillingness to act a respectful "guest" on this sacred blue and green sphere. Easily the most unreal production BASTARD NOISE has ever acquired. Transcending, insect war electronics that will carry the listener through the perplexities of the inner "human waste" mind. ACTUARY: Haunting and syrupy texturess...demonic vocals, & hostile inter-planetary insect take downs. The perfect balance of ear torture & exstasy. (Deep Six Records #267)

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