Barred For Life Book


"Barred For Life" is a photo documentary cataloging the legacy of punk rock pioneers Black Flag through stories, interviews and photographs of diehard fans who wear their iconic logo, the bars, conspicuously tattooed upon their skin. An extensive tour of North America and Western Europe documents dedicated fans bearing bars-on-skin and other Black Flag iconography. Nearly four hundred "barred" fans lined up, smiled/frowned for the camera, and issued their stories for the permanent record. Author and photographer Stewart Ebersole provides a personal narrative describing what made the existence of punk rock such an important facet of his and many other people's lives, and the role that Black Flag's actions and music played in soundtracking the ups and downs of living as cultural outsiders. "Barred For Life" includes interviews with Black Flag alumni Dez Cadena, Ron Reyes, Kira Roessler, Keith Morris, and Chuck Dukowski, as well as photographers Glen E. Friendman and Ed Colver, and the man responsible for tattooing the bars on more than a few Black Flag players, Rick Spellman. Paperback: 328 pages, 8" x 10".

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