Arctic Flowers "Remix" LP


Portland, OR peace punk/deathrock hybrid Arctic Flowers have amassed an impressive roster of underground and punk musicians to compile their "Remix" LP, out now on Deranged Records. The 12" vinyl contains the band's first three-song EP followed by four remixes. The digital download of the album supplies an extra five remix tracks that could not fit onto the vinyl (a vinyl purchase comes with a code to download the extra five songs). The assemblage of remixes here from folks in Soft Kill, Toxic Holocaust, Rubella Ballet, Cadaver em Transe and others range from ultra-dancey (the Sid Truelove of Rubella Ballet remix of "Technicolor Haze"), to uber-gothy (the Soft Kill remix), to '80s dance (the Alex Cuervo of Espectrostatic/Hex Dispensers mix) - even to dub (the Cadaver em Transe remix by Pato). LP includes digital download of album and five additional tracks.

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