All Pigs Must Die "Hostage Animal" CD


All Pigs Must Die is comprised of some of the most well-seasoned musicians on the eastern seaboard - Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy), Ben Koller (Converge), Matt Woods, and Adam Wentworth (both of Bloodhorse). And now their fusion of crust punk, hard core and metal is more ferocious than ever before thanks to the addition of Trap Them's Brian Izzi. Distilling aggressive music to it's purest tenets, APMD craft songs that pulverize, gnash, and whirl with a punishing delivery. APMD unleashed their first full length with 2011's God Is War. The 30-minute rip was a nod to primeval disdain and anger. Exploring facets of human conflict one track at a time, God Is War introduced the world to a whole new spectrum of rage. In 2013, APMD upped the ante with Nothing Violates This Nature. Honing their craft with more speed and filth, APMD pushed their sound closer to the edge of the cliff.

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