Allison Weiss "New Love" LP


Ever since the release of her debut album, "Was Right All Along," in 2009, Allison Weiss' world has been on fire. The album gained immediate notoriety with major media spotlighting Allison's use of the then brand new concept of crowdfunding. She went on to release the critically-acclaimed follow up "Say What You Mean" (2013), plus a handful of EPs throughout the years, including her latest release "Remember When" (2014), after which release she moved to Los Angeles. The change in geographic scenery can be heard in "Golden Coast," which was co-written with fellow folk-rocker Jenny Owen Youngs, and tackles the trepidation that often comes with making a major life change that's necessary but nerve wrecking nevertheless. Then there's "Back To Me," which is the kind of hopeful pop song with upbeat melodies but heartbreaking lyrics about the one who got away and, sadly, isn't ever coming back. Most striking is the album's anthem and standout single, "Who We Are," a complicated and cognizant ode to equality and acceptance that's just begging for you to sing along. LP includes download card.

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