Adolescents "Manifest Destiny" CD


Since 2011, Fullerton, CA's the Adolescents has been more productive than ever. After their successful 2011 album "The Fastest Kid Alive," their EP "American Dogs in Europe" in 2012 and their records "Presumed Insolent" (2013) and "La Vendetta" (2014), the band decided to take a small break. But now they're back and ready to release their fifth studio album on Concrete Jungle Records. And the new album is a blast. Produced by Paul Miner (Death By Stereo, H2O, Atreyu), "Manifest Density" has a powerful sound without losing the typical Adolescents charm. Songs such as "Nightcrawler," "Catfish" and "Ratcather" are great and catchy Cali-punk anthems with intellectually sharp and critical lyrics. 

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