Abandon All Hope "Where Life And Death Meet" CD


For its size, the city of churches has been been the birthplace of an almost un-natural number of Australia's metal & hardcore legends. Now with the demise of ‘I Killed The Prom Queen', ‘Day Of Contempt', ‘Embodi-ment', ‘Through Closed Eyes' and ‘Stronghold', the city that has set the trends is left with a void to fill. True to form, Australia's hardcore melting pot has somehow forged another diamond in the rough. Abandon All Hope shreds as hard as any of those before them, but with an unmistakably fresh intensity. While their predecessors may have fallen to the wayside, the years of metal riffage and dark lyrics haven't gone to waste, instead they've found a new host and culminated heavier and more twisted than ever on Abandon All Hope's debut CD 'Where Life and Death Meet'.

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