A Hero A Fake "Let Oceans Lie" CD


Although A HERO A FAKE is a young band, don't let any of that fool you. Their debut, Volatile, showcased an immeasurable amount of talent that impressed the underground metal world. Technically thrashy guitar passages were layered over poly-rhythmic drums and gripping vocals that turned the heads of fans and critics alike Alternative Press easily recognized Volatile's "monster palette of mood changes" and gave fans of underground technical metal had a new band to champion. The praise gave A HERO A FAKE the inspiration to get started on their sophomore release. Entering a Raleigh, NC studio w/ Jamie King (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME) they began work on Let Oceans Lie. The outcome is a collection of music that is challenging, complex but extremely catchy and engaging. Unlike some of their peers who confuse the listener with technical compositions that make no sense, A HERO A FAKE create a very organic mix of tech-metal and forward thinking rock that fans of OPETH, KING CRIMSON and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME can embrace. Let Oceans Lie will be a new standard for fans of technical metal and progressive rock. Don't miss the whirlwind of talent when A HERO A FAKE comes to your city!

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