Renounced "Beauty Is A Destructive Angel" LP


Renounced, known today as UK's most hard-working metallic hardcore band with their previous awesome releases. Started in 2013 with "Conditioned from Birth" continued with "The Melancholy We Ache" [2014] and also "Theories of Despair" [2017], they also got a split release in 2016 with Sentenced To Burn [Texas, USA].

Today, they're back with a new album "Beauty is A Destructive Angel" via Holy Roar Records [UK]. Renounced is still delivers a heavy metallic hardcore tunes just like their previous works, which is good, mature, and growing more on another levels without losing their own path of musical identity. If you love early Poison The Well, early This Day Forward, Saved By Grace or Skycamefalling, then Renounced is one of your monument.

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