Bring Me The Horizon "Sempiternal" CD

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Already being heralded as one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Bring Me the Horizon’s upcoming fourth studio album, Sempiternal, will be the defining sound of heavy music in 2013. It is scheduled for release on April 30th; soon after the band will invade the US for their first appearance here in over a year and a half, as headliners on the 2013 Warped Tour. Recorded with super producer Terry Date (Linkin Park, Deftones, Soundgarden) and mixed by David Bendeth (A Day To Remember, Paramore), Sempiternal is an embracing ride through soaring vocals, supercharged melodies and what can only be described as spine-tingling metal anthems. Bring Me the Horizon have always been at the cutting edge of combining electronics and hard music (they were one of the first bands to work with an up and coming young DJ named Skrillex), and here the dense orchestral textures bring out the melodic side of the band as never before, especially on first radio single “Sleepwalking.” "There's a very euphoric sound coursing through the album, a very uplifting but yet sad sound," says front-man Oliver Sykes. "Electronically, it's far more advanced than anything we've done before." With the immense critical and commercial success of their previous albums, including their breakout Suicide Season (2008), BMTH take heavy music to the next level, incorporating dynamic elements of hard music to create the most exhilarating album of the year.

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