The Hard Ons "Dickcheese" 2xCD


1988 saw the Hard-Ons move by leaps and bounds into a more violent and chaotic sound than that expressed by their earlier garage-punk incarnation. This would have been unremarkable except for the fact that the band managed not only to keep, but also to refine, their not so secret weapon of boundless melody.

Originally released in 1988, Dickcheese is an astonishing series of musical explosions, a barrage of metal, punk and sweet pop where most songs clock in under less than two minutes. Across a broad spectrum of genres it's a release whose no holds barred rawness went on to influence many a band in Australia as well as internationally. This is the album claimed to be the 'greatest punk album ever' by Jerry A. from Poison Idea.

Finally, Dickcheese is available again, remastered and expanded lovingly by the band members into a double CD deluxe tour-de-force. Included are extensive liner-notes, restored original art and previously unpublished photographs from personal archives. 

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