Wish For Wings "Afterlife" CD


Since their inception in the then burgeoning North Coast Hardcore Scene, WISH FOR WINGS have become a reputable force not just in their home state of Queensland, but across Australia after exposing hungry crowds to their savage blend of metal and hardcore antics. Gaining popularity off their frenetic and devasting live show, WISH FOR WINGS gained admiration from peers and fans alike when they dropped the punishing debut EP ‘From the Past to the Grave' through Washed Up Records in 2005, which then allowed them to accomplish numerous successful national tours and play with the cream of the Australian crop like Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen and Day Of Contempt. Their loyal fan base has also garnered them major support slots for international acts like MADBALL, HATEBREED, EVERGREEN TERRACE and more. * Now, in 2008, WISH FOR WINGS are ready to step things up again with a new, more focused line-up and their debut full length album, ‘Afterlife'. Featuring thick and heavy guitar riffage, a tight and furious rythym section and a vigorous vocal attack, ‘Afterlife' sees WISH FOR WINGS doing what they do best; playing hard and fast with plenty of mosh. The album also sees the band taking on an even larger and more dynamic approach by incorporating melodic elements, epic chrouses and loads of sing-a-longs to make sure that their music stands out in this life and the next.

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