Various "Shuffle And Scrape: A Tribute to Blueline Medic" LP


For the past decade BLUELINE MEDIC have been a constant shinning light in Melbourne's punk/ indie-rock community. With a legacy spanning three full-length albums ('The Apology Wars', 'Text_Bomb', '42:19'), the essential 'A Working Title In Green' EP, a split release with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and the most recent 'The Middle Of The End' 7", BLUELINE MEDIC's superbly crafted songs, poetic lyrics and uplifting live performances continue to leave an indelible mark on Melbourne's independent music scene. In recognition of BLM's influence on Poison City and our extended family of bands, we've compiled 'SHUFFLE AND SCRAPE: A Tribute To Blueline Medic'. The limited edition LP is being released to coincide with this year's Record Store Day and features tracks from THE NATION BLUE, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, ARROWS, THE GIFTHORSE, JAMIE HAY & THE SMITH STREET BAND, HARMONY, JEN BUXTON, PAPER ARMS, DARREN GIBSON and GRIM FANDANGO. To top it all off, artwork for the LP has been created by Samiam guitarist and long-time Blueline Medic fan/ friend, Sergie Loobkoff. * LP comes with free MP3 download coupon.

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