Unwritten Law "The Hitlist" CD


As a celebration of the past and the first step into their next stage of evolution, Unwritten Law unleashes The Hit List, the band's first "best of" collection featuring 17 "greatest hits" and 2 brand new tracks - all with a twist. In the usual do-it-their-own-way spirit of Unwritten Law, The Hit List is far from the standard, cash-in cobbling of stuff the fans already own. Rather, the guys have re-recorded and reinterpreted all 17 "greatest hits" tracks to ensure that the Unwritten Law faithful have plenty of new material - besides the 2 brand new tracks - to sink their teeth into. How did the band go about choosing the tracks for The Hit List? It was simple: they looked to their fans - whatever they requested the most vociferously at shows made the cut.

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