Thorns "Self Titled" CDEP


Unashamed to carry the mosh tag around their necks, Thorns have exploded onto the Melbourne scene in the last 6 months, pummelling audiences with a standout demo and honest live performance. Channelling the breakdown heavy groove of bands like On Broken Wings and Bury Your Dead, Thorns are setting themselves apart from many bands, playing heavy without the help of sample pads and gimmicks. Thorns S/T EP was produced and mixed by Lloyd Carroll (Carpathian, Warbrain) at Itchy Brother Studios in Melbourne and mastered by Joe Carra (I Killed The Prom Queen, Blood Duster, 50 Lions). The release is 7 tracks of visceral rage, personal lyrics spat over a barrage of heavy guitars. Staying true to their DIY hardcore background, Thorns look to ignite the country one pit at a time, spreading their music, their message and embracing the community that keeps it all together. Thorns debut self-titled EP is a statement of intent and today is the day mosh is unleashed on Australia as furious and passionate as it ever was.

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