The Sound Of Animals Fighting "Lover, The Lord Has Left Us" LP


The expansion of "Lover, The Lord Has Left Us" into alternative genres, alternative sounds and alternative media qualifies The Sound Of Animals Fighting, further this time, as a major pioneering entity in the search for new modes of musical expression and meaning. New (Craig Owens from Chiodos, Keith Goodwin from Days Away and Matthew Kelly from The Autumns) and returning (engineer Ryan Baker, producer Rich Balling, Anthony Green from Circa Survive, Matthew Embree and Chris Tsagakis from RX Bandits) animals alike add their own infusion, sensibilities and particular steps, each given a day to complete their piece of the final structure, working remotely and adding subsequent layers of their own invention to the highly organic project. The result is a candid, ubiquitous concert of musical talent, inspiration, spontaneity and collaboration that let the taste of each artist combine and marinate, adding a complexity and a depth to each track. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover and alternate cover artwork.

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