Streetlight Manifesto "Somewhere In The Between" CD


Once the high-energy, jubilant horns kick in, you know that STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO has arrived and they brought a party with them! Keeping in the tradition of classic bands like THE SPECIALS, SUBLIME and early NO DOUBT, STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO continue to share their signature ska sound with the world with their incredible new record, Somewhere In The Between. *In fact, Somewhere In The Between is so infectious, fans of all kinds of music can appreciate their sound and style. It is top of the line, swinging rock-n-roll that will put a smile on the face of even the biggest skeptic. Somewhere In The Between is a true testament to the band's talent and their fans' dedication. Ska is alive and well and Streetlight Manifesto are setting the standard of which all others will be measured.

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