Integrity "Humanity Is The Devil" LP


Following the release of Systems Overload earlier in the year, INTEGRITY would enter into famed Mars studio on Hallows Eve 1995. What resulted would be the true culmination of what the band had been working towards both musically and thematically. Humanity Is The Devil was an aural assault like no other at the time. From the guttural album opener, “Vocal Test” through the slow burn of “Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny,” Humanity Is The Devil would completely defy genre standards and scene norms. After two decades the resulting waves are still as apparent as when it was released in 1996. Organized Crime Records is proud to present this groundbreaking record in its ultimate 20th Anniversary Edition. Composed of limited edition color vinyl housed in a stunning five-color gatefold jacket and featuring the iconic art by the legendary PUSHEAD and layout by Dwid Hellion, this edition also includes an expanded version of the rare Humanity Is The Devil pamphlet, 16” x 22” poster, expanded artwork, and liner notes by Aaron Melnick. Also included for the first time on vinyl is the narrative story of Humanity Is The Devil by Frank Araca. 

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