Heroes For Hire "No Apologies" CD

$14.00 $24.00

From the sweatiest clubs to the biggest festival stages, Sydney's HEROES FOR HIRE have spent the last two years impressing audiences with their high energy pop punk anthems. Earlier this year, the band bunkered down to write and record No Apologies, which they enlisted Steve Klein of US pop-punk kings New Found Glory to produce. Duane Hazell, HEROES FOR HIRE guitarist and songwriter, stated the records moniker 'is our way of saying we aren't sorry for the music we make, the way we act and who we are as people.' Since unleashing their second studio album Take One For The Team in 2011, HEROES FOR HIRE have been all over commercial radio and TV networks with singles such as "Bright Lights In Paradise", "Secrets, Lies and Sins" and "All Messed Up". 

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