Haste The Day "Pressure The Hinges" CD/DVD


"There's something so incendiary about a solid metal show that pulls an audience in, one by one. With a wailing lead guitar combined with throaty growls and an explosion of moshing onlookers, metal allures the masses to join, and then doesn't let go. It's no wonder then that Indiana-born Haste the Day have charmed audiences with that same flurry of their musical onslaught. Performing 280 shows last year alone, it seemed no one could miss Haste the Day in 2004 as they hit the road with As I Lay Dying, Every Time I Die, From First To Last and more. This special edition features a bonus DVD with an entire live show, behind the scenes footage, and a look inside the recording of the album plus three bonus tracks." - from the label.

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