Born Free "Sorrow" LP + T Shirt


In 2015, the idea of “hardcore” has been stretched, pulled, abused, marketed and dissected far beyond anything its forefathers could have imagined. 

Melbourne’s Born Free are the antithesis of this corporate arms race. The young quintet are staunch traditionalists, playing crushing metallic hardcore with its roots in the New York scene of the 80’s with splashes of their own native style combining for a refreshing take on a classic sound. 

Across a well received demo and the "Evil Hands" 7”EP, Born Free have grown to become the flag bearers for a new generation of Australian Hardcore, releasing their debut full length "Sorrow" through Resist Records on October 2.

You are pre ordering an item in store October 2. If you wish to order other items, please make a separate order. 

Pressing Information:

100 White with Black / Red Splatter

400 Black

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