Antagonist "These Cities, Our Graves" CD


Antagonist are no strangers to Australia. This New Zealand Harcore quintet have ventured here 4 times in the past touring with the likes of Carpathian, The Red Shore, 50 Lions, Her Nightmare and Most Precious Blood. Live, the band is a whirlwind of energy and aggression. An honest expression of conviction & passion. It’s the bands hard work here that has led to this album being released locally due to the demand of kids searching for the album. The Australian pressing features new art and two bonus tracks. With their metal flavoured style of hardcore, Antagonist's brutal breakdowns are held down by precise, technical drumming, solid bass lines and intense vocals than move between guttural growls and spoken breaks. They will walkaway from their upcoming Parkway Drive tour having shown the masses what the underground was well aware of.

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